RevMan data retention policy

This policy defines (1) how long after a terminated subscription a subscriber has access to review data, (2) which versions of reviews will be retained and accessible in the History of each review over time.

Data retention after terminated subscription

When a subscription ends, reviews and their history can be accessed in RevMan by the subscriber for 60 days.

For individual subscribers, we reserve the right to download review data to an inaccessible place and store so that it can only be retrieved by contacting

Retention of versions of reviews in RevMan

This policy defines which versions of reviews will be retained. To safeguard performance and manage costs, Cochrane may delete versions not covered by this policy at any time.

As a minimum, review versions meeting any of the following criteria will be retained:

  1. The current draft (editable version) of a review
  2. The last 30 versions to be manually tagged
  3. For Cochrane reviews, all versions that have been:
    1. accepted
    2. delivered for publication after copy edit
    3. published
    4. submitted after the most recently published version